Welcome to First Presbyterian Church

Whatever your culture or race,
whatever your religious background,
whatever your age, orientation, or differing abilities,
whatever has happened to you until now,
may this be a place of joy, peace and healing for you.

We are happy you are considering holding your Wedding ceremony here at First Presbyterian.  It is our belief that human beings are created for relationship and that it is often in communion with others that we fully discover the presence of God in our lives. We celebrate and give thanks for the gift of human companionship and human family in all their expressions and forms.

First Presbyterian has been a More Light Congregation since 2004 which means we are working for the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered people in the full life of the church. This holds true with inclusion of all in the sacraments of Baptism and The Lord’s Supper, but also for services celebrating a couple’s lifelong commitment to one another in Wedding ceremonies. We believe that two people who want to share their lives together in a committed relationship should be treated justly, fairly, and equally no matter what their sexual orientation. We seek to offer worship services that affirm that all people are enfolded in God’s grace and love. Without prejudice we offer services to all couples seeking to have their relationships blessed by God and the church.

We offer two paths for Weddings in our building.

The first path is to have the pastor of First Presbyterian officiate at your service. In this case the service would be considered a worship service of this congregation and we would expect that the couple spend some time getting to know our community. The couple would then meet with the pastor and session (church leadership) to approve the service.  Upon approval of the service the couple would meet with the pastor for counseling and to plan a service that celebrates the love they have found, offers thanks for God’s abiding love, and honors the Spirit of this congregation.

The second path is for couples to rent our space for their service. In this case the couple would secure someone other than the pastor of First Presbyterian to officiate. The content of the service would not be under the oversight of the pastor and session of First Presbyterian, but we would expect that the values of our congregation be respected. We ask that it be made clear during the ceremony that while you are thankful for the use of our sanctuary, this is not a worship service of First Presbyterian Church.

In either case you would begin by contacting the church office to secure the date on the church calendar.

The Sanctuary seats 200 with a mix of 7’ Pews and 50 chairs. There are many possible seating arrangements. The cost starts at $1,500 which includes building rental for rehearsal and ceremony as well as custodial services required for cleaning and moving seating both before and after the wedding.

Contact the church office at (314) 726-6677 for more information.