First Pres has about 135 members, most of whom are very active in the life of the church. Meet a few of them here:

SfamilyEaster2014Trish and Scott and their daughter Leila
Members since 2011
“We live in U. City and often walked by the church, noticing their activities were creative and engaged with the local community—such as the ladder project on the lawn in 2010. We like the people that attend First Pres—it’s such a diverse and welcoming bunch of folks and the size of the church makes it very easy to develop relationships quickly. I’m surprised how far some members drive on Sundays (from as far away as Washington, MO!). It says a lot about the importance of this church in their lives. I would describe First Pres as a place where anyone with a thirst for a more spiritual life can feel welcome (our own family comes from a mix of religious traditions and we all feel at home here).  It’s an extremely supportive community and a place to find an extended family.”

Member since 2001
“I had been involved in the Parents Day Out program in the church for about four years. I was not a church goer and was not raised in an active church-going family. Although I did get enough from our infrequent trips to Sunday School and church to know that I wanted to expose and educate my young children about religion. Much to my surprise I found much much more. I found a place where I was loved unconditionally, a place to learn, a place to get involved, a place to make a difference in our world. First has become home and family, a place that I can find peace and love in the turmoil of life in this world.  You will always find a welcoming hand and enough love for all at First Presbyterian Church.”


Sharon and Katie
Sharon and her daughter Katie

Members since 2002
“First Pres is like family to us. Everyone here is warm and welcoming. And I love the combination of old traditions and new thought found in the worship. Katie and I have both greatly enjoyed participating in the music ministry—choir, Orff, and bells. I’m happy that our church is growing but still keeping its friendly, welcoming, and tight-knit vibe.”